I converted to wordpress.

I’ve decided that wordpress is much more user-friendly, so I have converted. These are just previous posts from the blogspot blog.

We got a tent and just had to try it out. Because it’s February, going outside was clearly not an option (for me at least, Pete would’ve been game).

Pete and I decided to do a practice run at this whole pack-essentially-everything-you’ll-need-for-a-month-of-backpacking-through-the-western-balkans. Here’s what I came up with: 

It may not look like a lot, but it definitely fills up my pack. I, of course, left out some things (underwear, bathroom stuff) ’cause no one wants to see that. But that stuff fits in, and that’s what matters.

I have stuff to sell and you should buy it. . . If you want it, that is.

Mountain Bike that I am so sad to say goodbye to
Katana Climbing Shoes
*And we have free books and furniture and stuff.*
The last time I was abroad, I was in China. This is Chinese fashion: 

Fun, right? It’s kind of a nerdy style there.
So. Europe. Totally different scene:
I’m a little intimidated by European style. It’s so elegant!


We’ll be moving to this little circle/starred city this spring! 

Pete lucked out with an awesome opportunity to be an intern at the US Embassy in Budapest. I basically get to tag along and attempt to get a job as an English teacher. Sweet, right?
That’s why I made this blog. So family and friends can check up on our fun!

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