The Last Few Days

Ok, so since we’ve left, we’ve been to Paris, Bratislava (Slovakia), through Austria, and finally to Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Paris: It’s funny, Paris is exactly as I expected when it came to the sights. But, I had heard that the Paris-ens are so unfriendly, which I found was not the case! I speak 2 year old French, so I was able to communicate a bit in French. People were very friendly and helpful. We had trouble with our ATM there, so we went into a bank. Not one person spoke English! We were able to find out a little bit through my broken French and filling in the gaps with what the teller was saying.

We then took a RyanAir flight to Bratislava, Slovakia. RyanAir has their own airport out of Paris. It was an hour or so bus ride, which wasn’t bad, but the airport is terrible! We survived, though. Bratislava is a nice little city! We didn’t get to see much because we got in late and had to leave in the morning. We did go to a cool pub to get pizza, though! It had corn on it, and can I say, that corn is a new favorite pizza topping for me.

We then took a train ride (about 8 hours on 3 different trains) through the rest of Slovakia, through Vienna, Austria and on through Slovenia to Ljubljana. Pete had heard that it was a beautiful train ride, so we decided to do it during the day. And beautiful was an understatement. It was incredible! The entire time, I kept thinking to myself, “People live here and this view is normal to them!?”

Pete got a pastry at the Vienna train station. He loved it. And I love Austria because it is so dang organized. After a confusing time at the Bratislava train station, Vienna was so easy. Anyway, back to the train ride:

Beautiful, right? We saw scenes like this for hours.

We arrived in Ljubljana, assuming that the countryside was so pretty, so the city must be kinda boring. Who knows why we made that assumption. Ljubljana is such a beautiful city! Beautiful and intricate architecture, cobblestone roads, pedestrian only walking along the river, and perfect weather. When we arrived, we didn’t know where to stay. We went to an expensive looking hotel and asked them where a cheap hostel is (luckily the two guys were both young, so they understand “student priced” hostels). Side note, everyone here speaks English! This has been very helpful. We were able to get a cell phone set up here because they speak English. Our hostel was in a great part of the city; right downtown, overlooking the river.

The people here are very friendly and I would happily move here! We spent two nights in Ljubljana, so we were able to see more of the city. We saw the castle, ate some delicious food, and wandered around the city for hours (because it is so dang cute).

This pic looks cool if you click on it.

We’re in Croatia now, so I’ll put up pics of that soon, hopefully!



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7 responses to “The Last Few Days

  1. Kimmy, wow. I am 100% jealous. And yes, I am reading your blog about your travel experiences instead of watching general conference. Wish I could be where you are instead of my house in Lehi Utah (blah) pretending to listen to boring conference. Lucky lucky girl! Eat a pastry in Europe for me, k?!? 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your exciting adventure… it looks beautiful there – great photos!

  3. looks like so much fun!! I don’t know if I already told you this, but if you go through Germany you can totally stay with my family!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Lauren! We won’t be going through Germany this trip, but I bet that we will later this summer! I’ll let you know when we’re in the planning stages so you can help us find all the cool spots. 🙂

  4. I went through these tour posts and really like the simple language in which you describe things (aka Dostoevsky?). This not easy. Wish you a very happy nomadic excursion!

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