Opatija, Croatia

We’re finishing up our last day here in Opatija, Croatia. We were going to get off at a different train stop, but we randomly decided to get off in Opatija. We didn’t realize that the train station was so far from the actual city, but after about 30 minutes of walking (downhill), we found an open room for 20 Euro (which is half what we paid in Ljubljana!). We got in last night and spent the day in the city. Opatija is a quaint little seaside resort-y town. The town is full of hills with narrow alleys between homes and restaurants. The weather was perfect today! Pete and I both got some sun from walking around.

View from our hotel room.

Pete decided that it would be fun to eat fish at the restaurant today. I wasn’t so daring. I got chivap (meat of sorts) with fries. But Pete still made me take a bite of what he ordered. He didn’t just order normal fish, he ordered squid. What a terrible idea. When I ate my piece, I made sure to have a few fries ready to swallow down the squiddy taste.



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5 responses to “Opatija, Croatia

  1. Bruce

    Pete, I can’t believe you ate squid. You have really changed. You wouldn’t eat green peas as a kid and now you are eating squid! Yuck. I’d rather eat peas. However, it looks pretty awesome wherever you are at. I’m still jealous. Also, glad to see you two looking good.

  2. I canNOT believe he got you to try squid. Seriously. ha ha. WOW what a beautiful place you are at…never heard of it before…but still gorgeous!

  3. Anne Bird

    These pictures are great. I remember you saying how beautiful Croatia looked (before you went), did it live up to expectations? It looks like it. You two look like you are having such a wonderful time, how does it feel to be living your dream?

  4. Cassie

    These photos are great! We already miss you. We were talking about you to my sister (the one you helped move) and it made us sad that we wont see you for a while, but these pictures are helping. It looks like you are having the time of your lives! Keep the pics coming. 🙂

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