Split, Croatia

Split is a fantastic city! Getting there, on the other hand, wasn’t as fun. I forget that you don’t really sleep on overnight buses. We arrived in Split early in the morning. We ate at a cafe, and then headed to the main part of the city to find a bathroom where you didn’t have to pay. It was raining and a lot colder than I had expected, so I was pretty miserable until we got to the tourist bureau. We arranged for a private room in a little house near the center of the city. Because of some misunderstanding, we learned that we were paying $27 per person, rather than for the whole room. That was way more than we were willing to pay. While we were discussing this problem outside, a guy approached us to see if we wanted to book a room with him (we had already been approached by several people offering rooms). We asked to see the room. The room was fine, but it wasn’t much less than what we had already paid. We decided to go over to the room we had reserved. The owner was this sweet ancient woman named Veronijka. She could barely make it up the stairs! The room was fine. It had another room next to us, so there was a possibility that there could be other people using the same kitchen and bathroom. We were so tired, so we plopped our stuff on the ground and fell asleep. Not an hour later, we were woken up by a screaming baby, 2-3 yelling kids, and two adults. They were clanking in the kitchen and making a ton of noise. That was something we couldn’t put up with (especially with how much we paid). We went back to the bureau and she said that she could refund us the money.

So we were tired, frustrated, and homeless. We randomly came upon a little hostel near where we were originally going to stay. It was about $14 less than the “private room” and it was a brand-new, modern room! So of course we took it.

Finally, we were able to actually go see the city. Split’s main city is a UNESCO World Heritage sight. The entire city is part of Diocletian’s Palace (305 AD)! The great part is that it isn’t just a tourist spot; the whole city is in use. Cafes, restaurants, and shops take up the main level and the second and third level are apartments. Imagine living inside a UNESCO sight! The whole old town just felt so old…. the streets were smooth with all of the feet that had walked over it. I could pretty much hear the chariots pulled by horses and men walking around in togas. Pete doesn’t think so about the chariots, but I’m pretty sure that Roman chariots could handle the small alleys of the palace. Ok, enough talking, here are some pictures:

The area outside of the palace was also surrounded by beautiful architecture.

This guy was hilarious! He was always sitting outside the palace. Half the time, he had a pigeon on his head (I think he had food there). To get people to look at him, he would squeak his shoes (under his toes were children’s squeakers!). Once someone looked at him, he’d give a big smile and start playing the accordion.

After the palace, we wandered around the harbor, and then took a ferry (the next day) to Hvar Island. I’ll post pics on that day later. The ferry ride was beautiful! Pete found some citrus-y fruit that he brought along. I thought it was way too tart, but Pete kept popping them like candy.



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5 responses to “Split, Croatia

  1. wow! Split looks really cool!!

  2. Melissa

    Amazing. These places look like movie sets, not some where real! You guys are making me really want to travel now!

  3. Croatia is a lovely place and Split is fantastic. I like your photos they remind me of my visits there in 2008 and 2009. Thanks.

  4. JX

    Hello, I chanced upon your blog and coincidentally, I am planning to go from Ljubljana to Split/Dubrovnik next month! Could you share some info on the bus ride there? I am having trouble finding concrete bus schedules or a website to make reservations in advance.

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