Lake Balaton, Hungary

After our overnight train ride from Venice to Budapest, we spent a night in Budapest and then headed over to Lake Balaton in Western Hungary. Pete had never been there.

He met the funniest guy on the train. They talked nearly the whole 3 hours.

It’s a blast to hear Pete speak Hungarian (Pete served his mission in Hungary, for those who might not have known). It is also incredibly convenient. We got off the train and started wandering around for housing. It was reallllly hot and it took us a few hours to find something (hotels were super expensive, and we wanted to find a little room or guesthouse). Finally, we found exactly what we wanted for a decent price. The first thing I noticed about the cute apartment was that it smelled good. The apartment had a private bathroom, kitchen, and TV. Pete’s never watched Hungarian TV, so the commercials and shows were entertaining.

One day, we went to a neighboring city called Heviz to visit the therapeutic lake (the minerals can help with physical ailments). I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised, but everyone there was really old. Ha.

Heviz City was a cute little town that seemed to have a lot of German/Austrian influence. I feel like we heard more German at the lake than Hungarian because the area has become a popular travel spot for the Germans. Pete also pointed out that this car has a frame of wood (you can’t tell, so maybe he’s lying and I’m just super gullible, but I’m going to keep believing what he told me):

Here are some of the cute houses that we saw all over the town:

Here’s a nice church we saw in the town, as well:

Anyway, this is a bit of an uneventful post. Honestly, we just had a great time relaxing and enjoying ourselves, so I didn’t put much effort into taking pictures.


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  1. Anne Bird

    Love the pictures, such a relaxing feel to the place. I especially like the one with the sailboats–looks like it could be a nice painting…hmmm. It sounds like you are both going to be very happy in Hungary for the summer. I agree, Kimmy, it is fun to hear Pete speak Hungarian, and yes, the cars are wood, we saw them too.

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