We’ve been in Budapest since May 20th, and can I tell you how wonderful it is to feel like a resident of a city? I have a home! For longer than 3 nights! I love beginning to feel like I know where I am, how things work, etc. I even led a Moroccan guy to the right metro stop to get to the airport (luckily my map had that info, because I wouldn’t have known otherwise. But still.).

We live in the greatest little house on the Buda side of the city. The house is a guesthouse of one of the diplomats at the US Embassy.

We have a washer AND a dryer! Heaven!

Our staircase is tiny!

I love this little office area at the top of the stairs. The carpet is super soft, as well.

And we’ve done some touristy things, as well! I’m loving this city and we are so lucky to get to go around and get to know the area.

We ate some incredible langos (huge scone). Mine had cinnamon on it (amazing!) and Pete had the more traditional with garlic and cheese.

Visiting Pete’s old mission stomping grounds. The apartment behind him is where he lived while living in Budapest.

The metros in Budapest are very convenient. The yellow line is the first metro line in Europe. It almost feels like a museum the whole time you’re on it!

And finally, our work outfits! Pete is interning at the US Embassy. He’s been there for 2 weeks and he’s already working on some awesome projects. He loves it there. It’s especially nice that it’s inside and air conditioned–Hungary is hot!

My work is a little bit different–teaching at an international pre-school/kindergarten. This week was my first week, and I am exhausted! It is a lot of fun work and the kids are hilarious. I wasn’t supposed to start until June 14th for the summer camp, but they let me start a little earlier (thank goodness, because I was getting bored while Pete was at work). I get to wear a lovely white t-shirt and european shoes.



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7 responses to “Budapest

  1. The giant scone looks delish, and Kimmy… I love your work outfit:)

  2. Melissa

    Oh fun! I wish I could comment on each picture! I love your little house, and I can imagine how wonderful it is to have a place to call home! It looks like it has a lot of personality, which I am sure you love! I bet that is fun for Pete to be back there where he served! I bet it brings back a lot of memories for him! I love your little outfit! Are those your clothes, or did they issue them to you? Oh, and Pete looks like he is in the secret service with his glasses. ahah. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! When Jon gets home, we should go visit you guys – your guest rooms looks like it would have plenty of room for us three 😉

  3. Elaine Barrus

    Hey Kimmy! What, the seasoned traveler wearies of travel? Even thou the shoes a kind of dorkey looking, you’ll be glad you have them when you have to chase a kid down the street! Well hopefully you won’t ever have to chase a kid. How did you ever arrange these jobs? Love the pictures of your house, it looks like you will be very comfortable.
    See ya later!

    • Hi Elaine!

      Ha, the shoes are way dorky, but I’m glad that I don’t have to destroy a pair of my own while playing with the kids! We just lucked out with Pete getting a competitive internship in Hungary (he served his mission there, so they love that he speaks Hungarian). I emailed a bunch of schools and one of the schools had a teacher opening for the exact time frame that we’d be here. Let’s hope we’ll have the same luck with jobs in Estonia 🙂


  4. Anne

    Your home looks so great! I am glad that it ended up being so nice and that you guys can settle into Budapest for a while. I wish we could come over for a visit! Love you both!

  5. Your guys’ apartment looks so nice! And I love your work outfit too! So all the kids speak English to you? Or you speak Hungarian to them?

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