First Anniversary Poem (Untitled)

I wasn’t able to bring my guitar to Europe and write music, so I figured I would try my hand at poetry. With any luck I’ll be able forego any personal meltdowns due to my current emotional instability and fragility… but, we’ll see…

My hands fell down and my face was in the mud
Screaming, panting, alone in the dark
Trembling hands scrape crusted blood
Hands that, now eerily silent, freed Kimmy forever

Can’t hold still; fumbling for answers
Waiting to see what the light brings
Warnings summoned by a sense of rugged mastery
Make hiatus for an unsurpassed remorse

Lies, lies; poor excuses for not remembering the truth
Yet no one, not even I, remembers the questions posed that night
How did it escalate so far, so soon?
Innocence abandoned with neither thought nor cause

A night to determine all that follow
Whilst duty demands some unattainable recompense
My once effulgent soul now bleak and hollow
Her enemy, the spider, disdainfully smashed upon the wall

Forever lost to reconciliation
Her joy plays host to my infinite abasement

Happy first anniversary, Kimmy! This, in case you couldn’t tell, is a poem that I wrote about killing spiders for you, despite the moral dilemmas I constantly face as a result. I know you said it’s creepy, but I take that to mean awesome.


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One response to “First Anniversary Poem (Untitled)

  1. Jes Koopmans

    Wow! lol… Pete is, um, very ‘romantic’ …and quite the poet! I loved it! Happy anniversary! 🙂

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