Life in Budapest

Well, we’ve been here in Budapest for about a month. We leave in two months. Time goes by so quickly!

Pete still enjoys working at the embassy. He’s been doing a lot of research about getting into the foreign service. It’s not easy, that’s for sure!

Pete also found out that he got a scholarship from Tallinn University! The scholarship provides a 300 Euro per month stipend. We’re hoping to spend about that for a small apartment, so the stipend will be incredibly helpful.

I’ve been having a lot of fun teaching. The first two weeks were spent getting to know the kids and helping make their “fashion show costumes.” It was hilarious to hear what the kids wanted to be! I made several princess dresses, a ballerina dress, snowman outfit, pyramid costume, fairy wings, and lots of other little details for the costumes. The kids were really involved in making the costumes, so I got to work with most of the kids one on one while working on the costumes. The kids are hilarious!

The past two weeks have been spent with the mornings at a swimming pool. We would take the kids on a mini bus to a pool about 10 minutes away from the school. Then we’d help them get dressed in their “swimming costumes” as the English teachers call them. While the kids were at the swimming lesson, the teachers would take a break at a little cafe. It was a wonderful time for me to get to know the teachers a little better (it’s hard to get to know teachers when there are a bunch of kids screaming and playing).



The kids did a lot with little rusty cans. Mostly diving down to pick them up, but this time, they had to balance the can on their swimming board. They took it so seriously.


The teachers at the school are fantastic. We went to a cafe one night to celebrate the end of the year (summer camp starts on Monday!). They thought it was funny that I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, but it wasn’t a big deal. It was fun to hang out with them outside of the classroom. Sam, the school director (Samantha is her full name), gave us lottery cards as our bonus. I won 500 Forint! (like $3).

The other day, we went to a free concert at the park near us. The first band was a Hungarian reggae band. They were fun to listen to. There were lots of dred-locked people there. Always fun to observe!

The other band was a Polish reggae/rock band. They were a ton of fun to watch! I didn’t get any good pictures of the other band because it was getting dark. But, it was such a nice summer night and a great way to spend the evening.

Pete and I also celebrated our one year anniversary on the 24th! This year went by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that in this one year, we’ve been to 15 countries! To celebrate, we went to this Mexican restaurant called Arribas (recommended by one of the teachers). It was delicious! Mexican food is hard to live without.

I got an amazing quesadilla and Pete got taquitos. We also shared some cinnamon crisps with ice cream. My goodness, I love cinnamon!

Yesterday, we did a day trip to a city called Szeged. A post on that coming soon!



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5 responses to “Life in Budapest

  1. Melissa

    That is crazy you have been to 15 countries within your first year of marriage!! Not mmany people can say that! So cool!

  2. Jes Koopmans

    Awww the kiddos are way cute, and Im soooo jealous of the 15 countries and all of your fun travels! …And congrats guys! I love how happy you seem to be since Pete. šŸ™‚ -Now I just need to meet him someday huh?! lol

  3. Amazing how we end up like our moms, your making costumes just like Suzy!

  4. xivonne

    Oh you’re so lucky you found good Mexican food! I tried splurging on Mexican food for my 21st birthday in Latvia and I was sorely disappointed. It was so not like Mexico. It looks like you lucked out though!

  5. Anne Bird

    That all looks like so much fun, I thought of you on your anniversary, but we didn’t have phone or internet so I had to just send the best wishes telepathically; hopefully you received the message.

    You both look very happy!



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