Szeged, Hungary

Last Saturday, Pete and I took a day trip to Szeged (Southern Hungary, almost to Serbia). All I knew was that it was: a) a city Pete had never visited, b) supposedly a lot of the famous Hungarian paprika comes from Szeged…. and that’s all.

We went with Pete’s boss at the Embassy, Paul, and Paul’s partner, Adam (who is Hungarian). The drive down was about 2 and a half hours which gave us plenty of time to chat and get to know each other better. Once we arrived, we met up with Pete’s friend, Peter, who Pete knew from his mission.

Peter is from Budapest, but he’s going to school in Szeged. He’s actually moving to Helsinki, Finland this fall for grad school, so it’s likely that we’ll get together up there, as well! Szeged was a great city! The city is small, but still had lots to offer. Including my favorite European tradition: the pedestrian street lined with fantastic architecture.

Here is a picture of the group (minus me) at the beginning of the pedestrian street:

Paul is on the left, then Adam, Peter, and Pete.

We went to a place where there is “healing” water available to the public. It smelled like the Great Salt Lake (aka rotten eggs). Pete was daring enough to drink a little bit. Apparently it tastes like it smells.

Here are more pictures of the city and area:




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2 responses to “Szeged, Hungary

  1. My favorite pic is me with the turtle van! Shell yeah!

  2. I am glad to hear that Pete survived the healing water. Sounds CRAZY! I really like the statue thing it comes out of too.

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