Eger, Hungary

Pete served 6 months of his mission in Eger, so of course he wanted to go back and visit the area and people who he served. We hopped on a train (after frantically running and catching the train with 2 minutes to spare because we randomly decided to buy superglue to fix Pete’s shoe while on the train) and headed to Eger (along with Bryan and Payal–Bryan is another Embassy intern and Payal is his wife). Eger is a two hour train ride away through beautiful scenery (think lots and lots of fields of sunflowers). We had a blast talking with Bryan and Payal–they are hilarious and it is so fun to talk with them.

Once we got to Eger, we checked into our little hotel and headed to the main downtown area to go to the Palacsintavar (aka Pancake Castle). Pete and I shared a delicious curry pancake and Payal and Bryan got a burrito pancake. I just realized that we never took a picture of all of us together. Alas. We are doing a game night tomorrow, so maybe you can see pictures of them then. Anywho, our pancake was delicious.

Later that evening, Pete and I went over to visit a family who Pete got to know while living in Eger on his mission. He got very close to their family and was so excited to see them again. We had such a blast spending time with them! They are a hilarious family and it was wonderful to see Pete interact with them; they clearly loved having him back and the mom (Tunde) even got a little emotional when she thought about how Pete was going to have to leave at some point. Tunde’s son, Viktor, was an awesome kid. At 16, he is planning on going on a mission, and it is clear that he has his head on his shoulders–I think he is much wiser than most kids his age. He is also very intelligent and was able to understand nearly everything I said in English, and often he would translate for me. He and his sister, Csenge (13 years old), we very nice and asked questions about me and my interests. Csenge is such a funny girl–she has a great sense of humor and is able to make hilarious jokes. I wish I was as funny as she is! Tunde’s husband and youngest son were also so great to watch; they loved wrestling and playing legos together.

After leaving Tunde’s house, we headed back to the main downtown area to meet up with Bryan and Payal. They were at a cafe, so we joined them and got some yummy hot chocolate. There was a guy singing and playing the keyboard, so it was nice to listen to him sing. We also had a great time hanging out with B & P again. They seriously are so entertaining to hang out with! I am glad that they came. It is nice to be with another couple–Pete and I still like each other and stuff, but it is nice to switch up the conversation with different people.

Sunday morning, we got ready for church and headed over to the building. It is a tiny branch–only about 20 people were there. We saw Tunde and her kids at church (they are the only people Pete baptized who are still active in the church i Eger). Church was very nice (they only do sacrament and Relief Society/Priesthood). The women in the branch are wonderful. Here is a picture of some of the people who were there that day:

The three women are (starting at the far left): Illiko, Anita, Tunde. Viktor is in the very back with Olivia right in front of him (she is Illiko’s daughter and she did a wonderful job translating Relief Society for me). Csenge is next to Olivia. Benjamin (Illiko’s son) is next to me). The front row (starting on the left) is Illiko’s youngest daughter, Anita’s daughter, Illiko’s other daughter, and Tunde’s son, Arpad. That was a very complicate way of telling you who’s who, but that’s ok.

After church, we headed back to the train station (we left the cats we are catsitting overnight and wanted to get back to them to make sure they were alive).

Here are some nice pics of the city, which is a fantastic city, by the way.

This is where Pete lived for part of his time here:

Eger also has the northernmost minaret in Europe.

We also got amazing Kolacs: dough that is wrapped around a circular tube thingy and is golden crispy on the outside and still doughy soft in the middle. Pete’s was rolled in hazelnuts and mine was rolled in cinnamon. Amazing.


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  1. Payal

    I love your website!! And you’re right we never took any pictures of all of us:( I hope you’re having a blast in Estonia and I really can’t wait to hear more about it!! Hello to Pete as well.

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