Birthday Abroad!

This was my first birthday abroad–and it was my golden birthday (turning 26 on the 26th) so obviously I was excited for the day! The day started out at school, no big deal. School was normal and the day went on as usual. I wasn’t sure if the teachers remembered it was my birthday, so I didn’t want to say anything about it and I was ready to pretend that it wasn’t my birthday. Anywho, at the 3:00 snack, before we gave the kids the snack, Sam, the school director, came out with the tin can birthday cake with candles lit. Fun! So the kids and teachers sang “Happy Birthday” and then the Hungarian birthday song “Boldog Szuli Napot” and then they sang another “How Old Are You Now?” song (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”). I told them I was 7 (because counting up to 26 would have taken much too long). Ha. Whenever a teacher has a birthday at the kindergarten, they can choose a wrapped present that comes with some sort of cute title regarding the contents (wake up, beauty, etc). I chose the one titled “travel” (duh) and opened it up…. it was a dinner river cruise for me and Pete! Sam had called and talked to Pete to make sure that we didn’t have any plans and got it all arranged! How awesome is that! I was so surprised to find out, and once I had opened it, Sam said that I needed to go now to go home and get ready. What a surprise!

I headed home and got ready. Pete came home early, as well, and we headed off to the meeting point to be shown where to go for the dinner cruise. Once it was time to leave, we walked about 5 minutes to the boat and got seated. The cruise was beautiful! Pete and I have never been on the river, so it was awesome to see the skyline from the river. And the food was amazing! The whole night was wonderful, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a nice birthday!



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6 responses to “Birthday Abroad!

  1. Anne Bird

    OOOhhhh what a great birthday! I was a little worried about your birthday with no family (except for Pete, of course) close by, and it being your golden and everything. I was afraid we shouldn’t have given you your gift before you left because you wouldn’t have as much right ON your birthday. I am so glad you had this fun cruise–and as a surprise too! I can remember seeing those dinner cruise ships going by on the river and thinking how fun they looked. That is wonderful and it looks like you had so much fun too.

    love ya!

  2. Carole Pearson

    WOW and another WOW!!! Kimmy this was a dream birthday! I’m so glad that you had a river dinner cruise (a dinner river cruise?) anyway, it looked so fun and the pictures are awsome! I felt like I was right there with you, especially the food pics. I’m going to send you a birthday card with a check as soon as I can get your address. Do you want to email me your address? I love you both! Grandma Carole

  3. Jes Koopmans

    Oh how awesome and sweet of them!! That would be so much fun, and the pictures are gorgeous!! Happy birthday Miss Kimmy! 😉

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