We walked a lot

Yesterday, Pete and I decided to go see Harry Potter. Wahoo! I was excited to see the movie, and we were even more excited when we found out that the movie was in 2D (3D headaches are the worst), and that they give out student discounts on the tickets! There were a total of 10 people in the theater on a Friday night. Random. The movie itself wasn’t dubbed, but the previews were. They showed a preview of the Horrible Bosses, and the voice they chose for Jennifer Aniston was a squeaky whiny voice–so terrible to listen to. You also don’t realize how important understanding the language is to understand previews; just watching what is going on doesn’t really offer any insight as to what the movie is actually about. Anyway, the movie was great (was it just me, or did it seem really short?).

Once the movie ended, we started walking. The movie ended after midnight, and only one tram goes past midnight in Budapest, so we started walking toward the tram (or so we thought) so that we could be on our way home.

Here is a map of how we should have walked:


Ultimately, it would have been about 25 minutes of walking (the blue lines on the map) and a 10 minute tram ride (the red line). It’s amazing how one wrong turn can turn into a much.longer.walk.

Here’s what really went down:

We did finally make it to the tram, but we took a long detour and only rode it for 2 stops rather than 5. A lot of walking! Luckily, it was a beautiful (and rare) summer night last night, so the walk wasn’t so painful. Also, Budapest is wonderful at night, so the walk was quite nice. The only area of sketchy walking was near the beginning. What a a night! Next time, we won’t make the wrong turn.


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