Who Knew Tallinn had Sandy Beaches?

Did you know Tallinn had sandy beaches? Me neither! The second day we were here, it was a sunny warm 28 degree C here, so we headed to the beach to celebrate. Good thing we did, too, because there hasn’t been a warmer day since! It’s like the second September hit, autumn followed. But, no problem here, as the Estonians say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” My new mantra whenever I’m stuck in insane pouring rain or crazy wind. (The weather has a mind of its own here, what with us being right by the sea: it might be raining in the morning but turn into a sunny warm day, or the other day around). We’ve learned to always have a jacket and umbrella.

Anywho, we’ve had the chance to wander around the city before Pete’s school started. We went to the city park, which is near the Baltic Sea, so we explored the beach on a cold day, as well.

¬†Tallinn is the “European Culture Capital” this year, so there are lots of cool events going on. They also put up these super cool knitted things around the poles in the main bus station.


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One response to “Who Knew Tallinn had Sandy Beaches?

  1. The Baltic Sea also has tons of jellyfish that you can just pick up with your hands. Peter and I met two Russian kids who had a bag full of at least 20 of them. They told us to put our hands in the bag and it was just a warm, pulsing mass of breast implant-esque life. Pretty sweet…

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