When there’s good weather, go outside.

Rainy days and clouds (and the occasional rainbow) are pretty standard for the fall, so when we’ve had good weather, Pete and I have tried to take advantage by going out. One day, we went back to the city park but went to different parts of the park. It is a beautiful park!

Wooden houses and apartment buildings are super common here in Tallinn. It makes me feel like we really are pretty far north (Tallinn is at the same latitude as southern Alaska!)

And sometimes, you come across moments like this:

Ok, so this couple is classically Russian, to me. The all-white ensemble, the white leather (pointy) shoes, random plastic bag to hold extra stuff, the mini suitcase, and of course, the Russia track suit. Hehe, this was too funny in person!

On another warm day (for some reason, these nice days have been on weekends, which is awesome), we went to the Estonian Outdoor Museum. It was so great to see the “authentic” buildings. And the forest was incredible!


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