We ate chicken kiev for our Thanksgiving

My goodness, it has been nearly two months since I’ve last posted. I didn’t expect to be such a slacker, but really, I don’t feel like we even have much to update or say!

Maybe I can share some random Estonian-isms that I’ve discovered while here? Is that ok? Ok, yeah, here you go:

  • People wear little “reflectors” on their coats or purses. They are little reflector buttons to make sure that you are more visible at night. Pete and I each have one and I sure feel like a local at night!
  • Speaking of night–it’s getting light later and later and dark earlier and earlier. Apparently, in December, it gets dark as early as 2 pm.
  • Tallinn Old Town is getting ready for Christmas; they are setting up the cutest little wooden market and there is a giant Christmas tree in the middle. According to Wikipedia, the Old Town in Tallinn was the location of the first Christmas tree! I love Christmas decorations, so I can’t wait for the market to open.
  • I walk home through the Old Town nearly every day, just because I can. It has such a great personality, even at night. I love the architecture, cobble-stone roads, and town center.
  • Pete got called as the branch mission leader at church, so he’s pretty involved with the missionaries and whatnot. He likes it a lot and he’s working on his Estonian so he can understand the meetings he goes to at church.
  • We may or may not have watched several seasons of The Amazing Race in our evenings (after lonnnng days at work, I generally prefer to relax at home, watching tv or something else that doesn’t cost money).
  • I like the classes I teach and am sad that a few of them are ending just before Christmas (although I can’t wait for the 2 week Christmas break!).
  • Teaching articles (a/an/the) is not as simple as you would think! I am working on a chart of all of the different ways we use articles, and it is quite intense! It has been fun putting it together, though.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of! And it turned it more of an update than Estonian-isms–oh well! On this Thanksgiving day (or evening, as it is now), Pete and I are grateful for a comfortable apartment, an income, family, and a lovely (pre-cooked from the grocery store) chicken kiev dinner! Happy Thanksgiving!



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4 responses to “We ate chicken kiev for our Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We love your blog!

  2. Elaine Barrus

    Nice to hear from you Kimmy, I enjoy reading of your adventures.

  3. i so enjoyed this because we totally have to use reflectors here in norway too LOL!!!! even my dog has a reflector vest haha 🙂

    hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!!!!

  4. you are SOOOO correct 🙂 it is ukraine!!! im leaving somewhere COLD and going somewhere equally as COLD!!! 🙂 hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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