Exploring Tallinn

Yesterday was a beautiful day! It was fairly cold, but not cold enough to stop us from taking advantage of the sun. Pete had gone to the old city hall with friends one night and said that we should go again. So we went. It was the city hall during soviet times, I believe, and it was basically a massive concrete building full of stairs. Now it’s full of graffiti, which is always fun to see. There were several other people there, either hanging out or checking out the graffiti, as well.

We also went to the Tallinn Old Town Christmas Market. Basically the cutest little setup of a huge Christmas tree, wooden stalls, lights, and we even saw Santa Claus hanging out. He’s lost weight and must suffer from the aging disease that Benjamin Button had (as in he seems to be only 19 years old this year), but he still had the same red velvet suit trimmed in white fur, so yeah, it was good.

Fur hats aren’t as expensive as we thought, which was surprising. But man, sweaters were pricey! It’s likely that you’ll see more pictures when the market is covered in snow. Speaking of snow, it’s supposed to snow this week, and to that, I say, “It’s about dang time!” I like snow in December. After that, it can go away. Anyway, sorry for the picture overload. But these are great pictures to just quickly scroll through. (Oh and there are some random Old Town pictures as well, basically because I am obsessed with Old Town and could take the same picture 30 times and still think it is the greatest thing ever.) You’d understand if you came and visited us here. Hint, hint.

This is what makes Old Town smell amazing. Cinnamon roasted almonds. We always make sure to take a free sample when we walk by.



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2 responses to “Exploring Tallinn

  1. wow Tallinn looks so cool! I love all your pictures! I would come visit you if I could 🙂

  2. Carole Pearson

    Kimmy & Pete, I love the photos, especially of Old Town. How great to be able to walk through the streets and see these quaint buildings and the Christmas decorations. Poor Santa. I hope he gains more weight before he takes his trip with the reindeer. Love you two.

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