Instead of a Christmas Card

Because we’re living abroad, it didn’t seem very possible to send out a Christmas card to everyone we love! So, I’ve decided to do a blogpost Christmas card/letter of sorts.

Now that it’s the end of the year, I thought I’d come up with a list of my favorite moments of 2011. I tried to get Pete involved, but he couldn’t think of anything, so bug him on facebook if you want him to contribute more to the blog. 🙂

They’re in no particular order, but here they are:

– That time that Pete and I lived in Italy for a week and put together bundles of branches for the pizza oven. April, 2011.

– Hanging out on the beach on the only warm day we’ve had here in Tallinn. August, 2011.

– Eating the most amazing food at a little cafe called Balettcipő in Budapest. Summer, 2011.

– Taking a long walk in Sarajevo to the Vrlo Bosne waters. Such a beautiful area and day. April, 2011.

– Hanging out with an awesome couple from Germany who Pete met at his Estonian classes. Autumn, 2011.

– Hearing Pete have conversations in Estonian. November/December, 2011.

– Watching old seasons of The Amazing Race during the “dark nights” of Estonia. November/December, 2011.

– That time that I fell in love with Ljubljana. And Montenegro. And Brasov, Romania. Budapest, too. Spring, 2011.

-Teaching! I loved my summer at the international kindergarten in Budapest, and I’ve loved my classes here in Tallinn, as well. Summer/Autumn, 2011.

-The day that featured our blog on their main page. We had nearly 3,000 views that day! But now it’s back to family and friends reading, which is definitely still fun. 18 April 2011.

– The river dinner cruise on my golden birthday in Budapest. 26 July 2011.

– Hearing little kids yell to their mom: “Ema!” in Estonian and “Anyu!” in Hungarian. Such cute words for “mom.” Summer/Autumn, 2011.

– And finally, Christmas in another country. It’s my first time celebrating Christmas abroad! December, 2011.

This has been one of the craziest years of my life, but in a good way! Pete and I have grown and learned so much. We’ve been able to see some of the world’s most incredible parts and met some amazing people along the way. Here’s to next year!



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6 responses to “Instead of a Christmas Card

  1. what a cute idea!!!! i should have done that but i just ordered cards only to pay $3 per to send to the US on postage. GRRRRR.

    and what a crazy and fun year yall have had!!!! i want to come visit 🙂

  2. wow it’s been such an awesome year for you guys!! Merry Christmas and I hope next year is just as great for you guys! 🙂

  3. AMH

    I have always thought it would be great to celebrate Christmas abroad and that it would up my appreciation for Christianity actually by seeing just how pervasive the holiday really is. Following your travels inspires me to hurry up and graduate from University so I can join the expat explosion. Happy Holidays!

  4. Carole Pearson

    Merry Christmas, Kimmy and Pete! I love your blog. I’m so glad that you are having this wonderful experience and learning and growing. June and I sent you a Christmas box a few weeks ago. Kimmy, your mom gave me the address. I hope it gets to your house in good shape. We miss you during the Holidays, but know that you’re having the greatest experience of your life.
    Love to you both!

  5. 2012 will be an awesome year! We’re glad you live in Tallinn, it’s a nice feeling to have friends! 🙂

  6. Jaime

    Way cooler than a christmas card. What an amazing year you two have had! Is it bad that I was secretly hoping that you would end it with an, “oh, and we are pregnant?” comment?! Apparently, I have babies on the brain, so I assume everyone does. Happy new year to the both of you, such a cute couple you are!

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