Change is in the air

I’m not very good at keeping secrets, so it’s time to reveal that Pete and I are moving back to the US!


Salt Lake City, to be exact–which is home for us. We’re moving back the second week of May. Leaving is a bit of a bittersweet reality for us. We’ve loved living here, but we are happy to be returning home to a familiar world. The time here has been essentially the best marriage therapy. While abroad, Pete and I have been faced with a whirlwind of changes, and it’s only made us closer. Really, when we’ve looked back on everywhere we’ve been (imagine being with your spouse 24/7 for two months while dealing with the stresses of backpacking throughout the Balkans), we’ve realized how well we work together. This discovery has been fantastic, and we’re hoping that it will continue on while back in the US.

As for what we’ll be doing when we get home… yeah, no idea. Don’t worry, I’ve had a few freakout sessions at this reality. We’re hopeful that we’ll each find jobs that we will genuinely enjoy.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on lately over here. In other news….

I cut bangs (fringe, for my British friends) last night! I was bored with my hair, so this was a quick (free) change.

We also went to Wing Stop (run by an American guy). I got fried wings and Pete lost 5 pounds of sweat by eating the spiciest option.

Aaaaand. Pete’s leaving me for nearly a week on Tuesday. He’s off to a university conference on the island of Malta (warm Mediterranean weather!). I’m super jealous and will be living vicariously through him by posting pictures from the trip. I’ll be sure to photoshop myself in to make it look like I was there.



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5 responses to “Change is in the air

  1. Jaime

    So, so excited that you guys are coming baCK! Lets get together when you are in town anytime!

  2. Jaime

    and, I like your bangs!!

  3. Wahooo! I’m so excited to see you again and talk to you about your adventures abroad!

  4. Hey, you’re coming back to the US? Awesome!!! We need to meet up sometime, yes? 😉

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