Pete went to Malta! (part one)

Once upon a time…. Pete got to go to a beautiful little island off of the coast of Sicily and North Africa.

He went for a few days to go to a conference for school. Pete loved it and he has some great stories, but those are his to tell, so if he wants (hint, hint to Pete if you read this), you are welcome to jump on the blog and tell them. As you can see from the pictures, it was sunny and beautiful weather. Pete got a bit of a sunburn and (more importantly) a break from the eternal winter known as Tallinn, Estonia.

Anywho, here are a bunch of pictures that he took! Before he left, I told Pete to take lots of pictures, but I didn’t think he actually would. He took over 200 pictures! Here are the best of the first few days of the trip (more pictures to come some other time):

Most buildings were made of sandstone

Because of how close Malta is to Libya and Tunisia, a lot of the buildings had a North African influence

The bathroom in Pete's hotel was outside his room, but he had a private shower and sink!

Not too shabby of a view, right?

Pictures like this make me really wish I could have gone!

If you actually looked at all of these pictures, congrats! I know that there were a ton!



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2 responses to “Pete went to Malta! (part one)

  1. im jealous of pete. i want to go there!

    and btw: congratssssss on your being able to return to the US! now you can send me some mexican food!!!!! 😉 kidding!

  2. I love all the pictures! Malta looks amazing!!!

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