Pete went to Malta! (part two)

More pictures from Pete’s trip! He went to another island (he stayed on the biggest island) for one of the days. Buses weren’t running for tourists because it was before the tourist season, but he was able to get a good price for a nice taxi driver to take him around. The taxi driver had never left Malta before. He spoke nearly native English.

Enjoy the pictures!

There was an ancient ruins area of the island. Apparently, Malta has had civilizations for about 7,000 years! The ones here are from 5600 BCE.

There were stone fences like this all over the islands. They were made by the Arab inhabitants.

Behind Pete (and across the sea) is Libya!

These tiny buildings were dotted around an area of the smaller island. Pete thinks they were jails. But he has no evidence.

View from the supposed jail cell.

This is the cave (supposedly) where Ulysses was trapped in Homer's The Odyssey.


Pete went on an awesome cave ride. The water was crystal clear and blue. It was really deep in certain areas, and because the water was so clear, he could still see down to the bottom.

He was also on a boat with other people, so he was able to get pictures of himself without having to do the "self portrait" attempts.

This might be my favorite picture he took during the whole trip.

These two asian girls were on the boat with Pete. The taxi driver called them Pete's asian girlfriends. Ha.

The taxi driver.

Well, there you have it–Pete’s Malta trip! He managed to see a lot of incredible parts of the country while also going to the conference.



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2 responses to “Pete went to Malta! (part two)

  1. i wish someone would send me a conference there.

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