Doting new puppy parents

Because Pete and I don’t have a baby or kids to brag about, we have to become obsessed with our puppy, Zoli. We have plenty of videos of him doing nothing, along with blurry pictures that I don’t have the heart to delete. True signs of overly involved puppy parents.

We are now entering the stage known as “puppy is comfortable at home but when we leave, the invisible leash is in effect”. I have a feeling that we will miss this stage when it’s gone, but for now, it sure is fun having a tiny puppy follow you along with all the trust he’s got. When he’s not following us around, he’s in one of two modes: ultimate spastic energy or zombie sleepy dog. Both are equally entertaining. Lucky for us, Zoli sleeps through the night. The first few nights were rough, but we’ve got a great night time system now. But he still does freak out when we have to leave him in his kennel when we leave the apartment. He’ll catch on, we hope.

And now, some ridiculous pictures of our new favorite little resident.








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2 responses to “Doting new puppy parents

  1. Welcome to the family Zoli… love you already:)

  2. TJ

    Awwww, puppy!! So adorable!
    xo TJ

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