Spring Fever

I don’t know about you, but I sure have spring fever! The sandals in my closet are calling my name, and my leggings aren’t as comfortable as I remember them being back in the fall. Pete and I were feeling cooped up with the Salt Lake inversion (seriously friends, let’s all ride public transportation for the winter months–it’s cheaper and not nearly as scary as people think!), so we went to Park City for a Saturday afternoon (Pete’s parents were nice enough to let us borrow their car for a bit!). The trip was very refreshing. And we want to move to Park City. Someday.

Zoli came along with us, and aside from barking at one dog that he saw from a distance, the little pup was quite the trooper! We ran into a few other dogs and he was much better behaved then. And it sure doesn’t hurt to walk around a cute main street with a darling little puppy; people sure do sigh and oooh or awe when they see him. (Which who can blame them, right?)

Also, a little update in my life–I started a new job! I started working at Babinksi’s Baby (a baby store on Foothill–and a new store in Sandy) about a month ago! I really like the job; it’s a ton of fun meeting moms and dads who are so excited about their new baby (or baby they’re expecting). I’ve already picked out the crib, stroller, and car seat that I want to get when we decide to have kids (which seems miles away, but it can’t hurt to plan ahead, right?). The stores are great and the people who work there are awesome. It’s fantastic to go to work and then head home without needing to worry about work when I’m not there. I love all of the things I’m learning about the products that I’m not as familiar with, as well! Oh, and I’m getting to be a gift-wrapping pro! If you’re ever near Foothill Village (1300 S Foothill) or 9000 S State St, drop by, because I might be working!

Anywho, here are a few pictures from our outing to Park City.

2013-02-02 15.55.42

We brought some food for Zoli to enjoy while we ate our burgers outside. It wasn’t too cold in Park City (compared to SLC)

2013-02-02 16.29.53

This dog is a frequent visitor of the cafe we ate at. He’s a 90 lb Chinese Retriever. He didn’t eat the jerky I gave him, but he did like the fries. Zoli was cautious, but not scared of him because he was so chill to be around.

2013-02-02 15.55.52 2013-02-02 16.27.21


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