Why Studio Living is Ideal (For Us, that is)

While I’m not much of a goal person, while in high school and college, there were some things that I thought would be “cool” to do at some point in my life–like living in the Avenues, riding the bus rather than having a car, and living in a studio apartment. So far, Pete and I have been able to fulfill some of these “goals”. But I never thought that we would really live in a studio apartment. The first time that we lived in a studio was in Estonia. It was a 300 sq ft apartment in the center of the city. It came furnished and was very well designed. It was this experience where Pete and I learned that having less is incredibly fulfilling (and enlightening).

When we came back to the States, we moved into a mainly college crowd apartment complex downtown. The floor plan and storage were lacking, so once our contract was over, we moved into a new construction loft apartment on South Temple. The aesthetic and design were fantastic, but it was honestly too much space for us. We found that having all of these separate rooms and spaces were unnecessary. Oh, and the rent was pricey, so it was a great excuse for us to downsize (can you really downsize when you’re 28 with no kids? Pete and I think so!).

And here we are. In a 500 sq ft studio.

Now for a list of why I like studio living:

– when all living spaces are combined (aside from a door separating the bathroom and closet), there are no walls that get in our way. As Pete says, it’s the ultimate open floor plan. We love not wasting space to make room for walls and separate rooms.

– we didn’t think that all of our furniture would fit, but it all has! I did have to get a bit creative with some of it, but in the end, I like the intimate space that is our little apartment.

– less space to clean!






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One response to “Why Studio Living is Ideal (For Us, that is)

  1. Carole Pearson

    Kimmy, this is really cool. I can see how you’ve conserved space. Smart : )
    In the last photo, the one with a cabinet/bookcase and your cute little doggie, is a statue that I think I gave you some time back. I have a funny story about that statue. Call or email me and I will tell you the story, if I haven’t already.
    I love YOU!
    Grandma Carole

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