The Bell Jar

After finishing each read, I’m going to do a quick “my thoughts” post, just to keep track of each book I’ve read. So, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath was the first book I finished from my list. Now, it’s crossed off my list, and here are my brief thoughts on a fantastic book:

I wanted to finish this book in three weeks, but It only took a week. I loved the writing style–beautifully written, but not forced. I also enjoyed how Plath pieced the story together non-chronologically. Esther is a complicated character, and watching her spiral out of control was somehow liberating; I felt like she was true to herself more during her “outbursts” than when she was doing what was socially acceptable. Overall, I’d call The Bell Jar a must-read for any age, but that it would be especially appropriate for college students or recent graduates.


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