Failed Attempt to Cook #2

Pete and I decided to cook more. I even printed out a weekly menu and we went to the store to shop for everything we would need this week for cooking. We were ready for real dinners and yummy new recipes.

Today is dinner #2, and we are currently at a 0:2 ratio of successful dinners. Dinner #1 was a spaghetti carbonara. Easy, right? Well, yes, but our pasta rebelled and essentially broke into hundreds of tiny pieces while boiling. So it was carbonara with pasta that was no longer than an inch. Bummer! Tasted fine, but did not look appetizing!

And today, I accidentally turned on the wrong burner, and on that burner, was a glass dish with the remains of our brownies. I saw that I was recooking the dang brownies, so I grabbed two towels and moved the brownies off the burner. Right when I set it down, the glass exploded! Everywhere! A mess! Our rug is now in the trash, and our linoleum is burned (hope that doesn’t kill our deposit!).

We are now eating chips and granola bars. Once everything cools down, we will try to clean up the stove. Maybe our pizza will still be fine–just a few hours later than we planned.

I think we will go out to eat tomorrow. Much safer.




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