The Catastrophist

Behold! I have finished another book! This one, The Catastrophist, by Lawrence Douglas, took longer to read, but I blame that on the fact that Pete and I have started re-watching Community on Hulu.

Anywho, the book. I found this book at Ken Sanders Bookstore downtown. It was right by Dostoevsky’s Brother’s Karamazov, which I have yet to finish (started it twice, but I’m not mentally ready for the book… yet). The back described it as an existential breakdown. As a fan of Kafka’s superior existential novels and short stories, I figured I should give a shot to a modern take of existentialism. The Catastrophist did not disappoint. It was a tragi-comedy, with a main character who had some of the strangest impulses, thoughts, and fears. As with all existential characters, I found him both endearing and horrifying at the same time. I don’t really want to get into the plot of the novel, because I’m still processing the whole story and the main characters’ issues. So. I will simply recommend the novel to anyone who is interested–and I own the book, so I’ll even lend it out!

Just started The Age of Innocence. I think it’ll be an entertaining read. It’s probably the most romantic novel I’ve got on the list, yet it sounds like it is less romantic than a typical romance. I did discover, sadly, that the notes contain spoilers, so I’ll have to skip out on the extra background information that I love when books have notes.


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