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We, of course, just showed up to Corfu, Greece with no plans. We didn’t realize it was Easter weekend, so hotels were super expensive! I was still recovering from being sick and not eating for a few days, so I had a mini breakdown while trying to find housing. Luckily, Pete’s awesome and went around to find an ATM while I sat on the side of a busy road (ATMs were really hard to find the whole time in Greece). I could barely walk, but we kept walking to find something. A guy named George stopped us and said that he had housing. We talked about a price, but he wanted to charge about $15 more than what we wanted to pay. I was so desperate to find somewhere so I could lay down, so we decided to give it a shot for a few days. We hopped into his car and he drove us through the beautiful area of Corfu to his “Villa Rosa.” On the outside, the place looked great! During the ride, George said that if we stayed the full 7 days that we were planning, he would drop the cost down to what we wanted. He also said he had a connection to scooters for 10 Euro per day (we were about 5 km away from a beach, and buses aren’t very convenient). We decided to stick around for the 7 days, even though we could tell that the apartment wasn’t very nice.

Greece ended up being a great place to relax and hang out! We had been moving so quickly through so many countries, so it was wonderful to have a place for 7 days. Unfortunately, this apartment was the nastiest place we have experienced (super cold, humid, everything got wet and moldy, nothing worked), but overall, we were glad that it was a good price. There’s no way we could have gotten a better price somewhere else.

Anywho, we had so much fun wandering around this island! We made it to the beach several times (it was overcast most of the time, so we didn’t get much sun, but hey, the beach is always great!).

This dog also became our friend each time we went to the beach. He was super friendly and would sit on my feet for several minutes. It was pretty hilarious to see him “greet” all of the people who were on the beach. I think that he is a very happy dog when it’s the high season and there are tons of people to be his friend.

On the beach, we found this random rock made up of lots of little cemented together rocks. Pete didn’t think that I could climb the rock barefoot, so I did. Pete was surprised and I totally climbed higher than him.

There was a lemon tree at our little villa. Pete made the most amazing lemonade! It was so fresh and delicious! Here are the before’s and after’s of all of the lemons Pete squeezed (or squoze, as Pete prefers to say):

One day, we went to Achillion’s Palace, which is an Austrian palace where an Austrian princess used to hang out. I must say, the grounds were more impressive than the inside.

Did you know I’ve never seen a firefly!? Greece was my first time ever seeing one! Pete was nice enough to catch one so I could get up-close-and-personal with my first firefly experience. This was very exciting for me!

Here is our scooter (and I have a glass of the amazing Pete Lemonade):

Here is an action shot of us on the scooter. Don’t worry, I got really good at holding on while taking pictures and videos.

And here are some other pics of our trip in Greece:



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