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Macedonia has been a wonderful part of the trip. We were able to spend part of a day in Skopje. Did you know that Mother Theresa was born in Skopje? I sure didn’t! But we learned this fact when we came upon a church dedicated to her and her good deeds.

A few other lovely things we happened upon while wandering around the city:

We also happened upon several hilarious statues around the city. I love random things like a city full of statues that make no sense!

After Skopje, we headed to Lake Ohrid on the border with Albania. Ohrid is a fantastic little town that is perfect for a relaxing break from a busy city. The weather was nice, people are friendly, and the lake was incredible. In our Lonely Planet guide, there was a walking tour of all of the must-see places in Ohrid. We had planned on doing the walking tour the second day, but somehow (through simply wandering) we saw everything without even following the guide on the first day we were there (in about 3 hours, too). Sometimes it’s nice to just wander through a city and take everything in without worrying about directions. I am very happy that this was how it turned out for us. Here’s what we found on our walking tour (lots up uphill walking/unintentional exercise):

The next day, we went to a paper museum. They have one of only 2 or 3 replicas of theĀ GutenbergĀ Press. So cool! He showed us how he made the paper. The water is filled with bark from trees and when he puts the mesh rectangle into the water, the bark gets caught. He waits for a second with it on the mesh part, and then lays it on to his stack of drying paper. The paper is very thick at this point because there a lot of water still. After doing a large stack of paper (with fabric between each sheet), he presses most of the water out, hangs the paper to dry, and then presses it in a machine to make the paper flatten. We bought a little paper that has an image pressed onto it. It’s our first souvenir! We’ll frame it and hang it in our apartment at some point.

Next door to the paper museum was an old house that was turned into a museum about the Ohrid area. My favorite part was the fourth floor where there was a traditional home set up. Apparently a lot of the woodwork was stolen/burned/destroyed at some point, so it used to be even more dramatic. Nevertheless, the woodwork in the museum was fantastic!

The next post will be about Albania! I must say, I was super sick the most of the time, so pictures will be scarce… but the stories will be worth checking it out!


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