Backpacking 2011

Planning a backpacking trip in your head vs actually backpacking are two different things! Regardless, we were able to see all of the places we were most excited to visit.

Here is a map with what we had “planned” and what really happened.

Green dots = what we planned

Black lines and red lines (so the parts where we crossed over didn’t get mixed up) = what really happened.

Here was the route in writing (this trip was from March 2011 to May 2011):


4 responses to “Backpacking 2011

  1. I would contact Rail Europe about a press rate, or even free tickets for your train travel. They seem to like working with bloggers.

  2. Jes Koopmans

    I’m so disgustingly jealous!! 😉

  3. wow that is quite the journey! I bet you’re ready to be settled down for a little bit! I wish I could come visit you in Hungary! that would be cool 🙂 If only life weren’t so expensive!

    And did you ever get an invite to pinterest? I totally forgot to ask you for your email so I could send you the invite. If you still need one, what is your email address?

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